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PLS Remedial Services

PLS Remedial Services



We provide damp surveys and treatments through out the Northwest of England.

We provide a innovative low cost solution to repairing damp course creating a barrier between ground water and the building, turning damp houses in to dry homes.

If you think you may have a problem the firsts step is to contact us and book a no obligation damp survey.

The damp survey

One of experienced technicians will survey your property to identify any problem areas and provide a recommendations of what action to take.

Per purchase damp surveys

We provide surveys for client looking to buy a home in many case a basic surveys may point to damp problems, but will need further investigation to determine te extent of the problem we can provide damp, mold and wood worm surveys and provide estimates independent estimates on how much this would cost to treat

Other services we offer

  • Rising Damp
  • Penetrating Damp
  • Structural Damp
  • Condensation & Mould
  • Woodworm Treatment
  • Wet and Dry Rot

We provide damp surveys and treatments throughout the Northwest of England.

Free Quotation

If you have an area of the property that is showing signs of timber decay or infestation, we can inspect the area, determine the type of decay or infestation and provide a quotation detailing the treatment to be given.

This is not a full inspection of the property, it is only to the area(s) pointed out by the Client.

Full Timber Inspection of the Property

A full timber inspection is normally carried out along with a damp inspection and for a normal three bedroom sized property will take approximately 1-1.5 hours. There is a charge for this type of inspection. All visible and accessible timbers in the property will be inspected for signs of decay (wet or dry rot) or active wood borer infestation and a report will be prepared with findings, recommendations and quotations for any treatments that are required.

Damp Proof course work involves removal of plaster from damp affected walls by mechanical breaker and drilling of the walls to inject the DPC solution. This is a dusty and noisy operation and therefore please be advised that it would be advisable to vacate the areas where treatment is being carried out during the course of the works.

This inspection will normally take approximately one hour for a normal three bedroom sized property. There is a charge for this inspection.

The surveyor will locate the wall ties by means of a metal detector, drill a small hole within the mortar bed next to the wall tie and insert an endoscope (camera) to inspect the condition of the wall tie and the condition of the cavity. From this inspection it will be possible to see if the wall tie is corroded or has snapped within the cavity. Once the endoscope is withdrawn, the drill hole is filled. Normally 2-3 holes are drilled to each elevation of the property.